What to Expect

We are a community of believers committed to being anchored in God’s word and led by the Spirit. Our Sunday mornings are casual and inviting. Our congregational make up is socio-economically diverse, defying traditional church growth models that encourage church planters to “pick an audience.” The community around us has trailer parks, government housing, middle class neighborhoods and country clubs, and we reach them all by battling socio-economic complexities with simplicity. We have the goal of always being inviting but never impressive. It’s a no-frills approach to Loving God, Loving Others and Making Disciples. Simplicity doesn’t require us to sacrifice quality, so it’s also a place for excellent worship, inspired teaching, and a terrific children’s ministry.

This commitment to simplicity gives us the ability and focus to be missional in our community. Through the work of Joshua’s Place and Celebrate Recovery our facility stays active all week long as we reach out and invite in those struggling with addictions, poverty and broken relationships. This gives followers of Jesus real opportunities to touch the lives of those that are hurting and to fulfill the calling God has for them to be “salt and light.”

This depth of ministry has drawn together a tremendous group of humble, willing and gifted leaders. We work hard at breaking down traditional church hierarchy by focusing on roles not rank. Our leadership structure is there for support and accountability with the goal of getting everyone engaged in the mission God has for our church. It’s this environment that has fostered community with each other and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

What to Expect: Village Kids

Village Kids is a fun and safe place for your kids to learn about God. From the moment you arrive, you will know how much your children are loved and have peace of mind about their safety and security. When children come to Village Kids, we want it to be the best day of their week.

WARNING: Children have been known to drag their parents out of bed on Sunday morning because they can’t wait to get to church!