Leadership Philosophy

Leadership at The Village Church is divided into two basic categories: pastors (synonymous with “elders” or “overseer” in the Bible) and directors/coordinators (synonymous with deacons). Both categories consist of paid and unpaid staff. Meet our staff by clicking here.


el•der (el’der) n. 1. Elected or appointed governing officer within a church. See 1 Timothy 3: 1-7, Titus 1: 6-9. The elders (“pastors”) of The Village Church are appointed by God to shepherd and lead the flock of The Village Church. The pastors/elders represent the primary leadership and convene regularly to discuss matters of sound theology, direction for the Church, and discipline with love for the people at the Village. The elders wish to preach, teach, and counsel to the glory of God, and these matters are not taken lightly.


dea•con (de’ken) n. 1. Attendant or assistant to church leaders. See 1 Timothy 3:8. Historically, deacons have served as both care providers and overseers of the church body, helping implement the vision set forth by the elders. Everyone on staff at The Village Church is considered a leader of the church: an elder (very few), a deacon, or a deacon-in-training. In addition, there are deacons who serve in a non-staff capacity, as well as the volunteers whom The Village Church depends on to be the hands and feet of our Church; the body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:27)


Kevin Peyton
Senior Pastor | [email protected]

Darryl Sumrall
Associate Pastor | [email protected]

Kyle Cogburn
Worship Leader | [email protected]

Amy Mitchell
Administrative Associate | [email protected]

Sarah Shotwell
Children’s Director | [email protected]