Village Church COVID-19 Phase 1 Restart Plan

We will begin offering limited in-person services starting on Sunday, May 31st. We will continue to offer all current remote options so no one should feel pressure to return before they are comfortable doing so.

Service Times and Locations

We will have service at our regular 11 a.m. time. Chairs in the auditorium will be staggered to allow 6 feet of separation between people. There will be overflow space available in the Meeting Place. Tables in The Meeting Place will be arranged to provide this same separation and can be used for families to sit together. We will have volunteers from Village Kids in The Meeting Place to provide your kids with activities to do at your table during the service. We ask that parents be diligent to ensure their children stay with them at their tables and not physically interact with other kids. We understand this may be more difficult for some and would encourage those families to utilize the two-service option to “split” time between parents when possible.

Traffic Flow

We will have designated “lanes” for entrance and exit throughout the building. This will help maintain healthy social distancing before and after services. These lanes will be marked with signage on the floors and exits and entrances will be clearly indicated, along with volunteers to help point you to your service location.

Safety Protocols

The protocols below are a summary of the steps we are taking to minimize risk to you and your family. These protocols may go further than some feel necessary, but we do these out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of all attenders, especially those in the higher risk population.

  • If an individual or a family member has any symptoms, they should self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • All volunteers and Village staff will wear masks. We strongly encourage each attender to wear a mask when possible.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are spread throughout the building and should be utilized often.
  • There should be no hand shaking or hugging.
  • All chairs, common areas and touchable surfaces will be sanitized prior to each service.