In Village Kids, our favorite color is ORANGE!

Orange is a strategy that represents a partnership between family (red-love) and church (yellow-light) to make Orange. At The Village Church, we love kids and want to see each one of them grow and develop a relationship with Jesus, but we know the church can’t do it alone. The church has approximately 40 hours a year to influence a child, while parents have about 3,000 hours a year. By leveraging the influence of parents and finding ways to partner with them in leading their child’s spiritual development, we are able to show kids who God is more effectively than either could do alone.

Orange is a Strategy

Orange is when every leader and every parent uses the same strategy to reach the end goal of helping kids become fully engaged followers of Jesus Christ.

Orange Events

Orange events are created as a time for parents and kids to have a shared experience so they can continue conversations about faith at home and to help parents transition their kids through life milestones.